AB Projesi kapsamında “Mobil Kanser Tarama Hizmeti Alımı” ihalesine çıkılmıştır. / “Services for Mobile Cancer Screening” CN is published in the scope of EU Project. 30.03.2018

(Ali Ciftci) #1

Project: Improving the Health Status of the Syrian Population under Temporary Protection and related Services Provided by Turkish Authorities.

Tender: Services for Mobile Cancer Screening

Referance #: SIHHAT/2018/SER/INT/02

Status: Open

Type: Services

Belge: 15261,contractnoticecancerpdf.pdf (396.1 KB)

Kaynak: https://www.saglik.gov.tr/TR,33962/ab-projesi-kapsaminda-mobil-kanser-tarama-hizmeti-alimi-ihalesine-cikilmistir--services-for-mobile-cancer-screening-cn-is-published-in-the-scope-of-eu-project.html